Chicken Lesson #42

Springtime arrives and the ditches run in cold muddy rivulets. Not the time to drive one’s jeep off the side of the gravel driveway. So, another newby chicken lesson learned on Bluestem Pond Farm. 0310151258Mark the edges of the driveway to the barn before the snow flies so the plow stays on the gravelled tracks and your road survives the spring.

The thaw is progressing gloriously and we’ve had lots of sunshine even here in the Great Lakes region. Things are quite wet, though, and it is taking time for the moisture to sink into the groundwater reserves. I am having to tuck my pants into tall rubber boots to prevent mud streaks along the cuffs every time I go out. We could sure use those March winds to help dry things out.

I am relieved to see the pond open in the center again and the bubbler gurgling away. Another month, and I’ll be able to assess how much damage the hard winter did to my bluegill population. I’ll also begin the process of shoveling gravel from the edge of the driveway back into the middle and filling the potholes. I don’t know if it is possible for a snowplow to avoid scraping all our good gravel off the driveway every winter, leaving a muddy mess on the road.  We paid for a new load of gravel to be spread after the construction of the house was completed, but that is a very expensive option we cannot repeat regularly.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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