Man-Handling Rooster

0403151159aMy rooster, Cooper, is not a gentle lover.  Over the winter, Beauty was getting raw spots on her back that worried me, but now that spring has arrived Cooper is going to town on all the hens equally.  I read up on it and found that this is a common enough problem that even Amazon sells “chicken aprons” to protect the hens. I ordered one, to try it out.  If it is successful, I’ll start up my own little apron factory to cover everyone else.

Beauty is still the worst off as you can see in this photo. 0403151159Arya is the smallest and used to have the sweetest puffy cheek feathers as Araucanas tend to have, but I witnessed Cooper grabbing onto them with his beak to keep his balance and she is now skinny and bare around her neck.  It’s amazing they put up with it all.

Only one hen, Isa, is free of damage. In my research, it appears that she may just not have matured yet enough for Cooper to be interested. Lucky girl!


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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