Signs of Summer

0511151015It is finally getting warm and wet enough for the farm to begin to take off on its flight into summer. I’m picking asparagus every day and this year bought a scale to measure the harvest. So far just a couple pounds, but plenty for the two of us. The strawberry blossoms have just begun opening and it’s looking like a good year.

I am trying to teach my pond fish to come when I call and toss them fish food, “Here, fishy fishy fishy!”  I didn’t have any pellets on hand last year so I never got to see the bass coming to the surface.  I’m not even sure we have any left.  I hope to see them coming to be fed again this year. So far, I am just starting to see a couple blurps on the surface from a full size fish grabbing a floating food pellet. Once they get warm and more interested it will become a crazy churning feeding frenzy.

I also have been watching the frog population re-emerge. 0511151030They seem to stake out territory about every 5 feet along the weedy shore, and a moment before my footsteps come close they leap into the water with a squeak and a splash. I saw one today that was the largest I’ve ever seen in our pond. He must have been growing since being a tadpole shortly after the pond was dug. There was a big pile of tadpoles wiggling around in the mud today, the first I’ve seen this spring. See if you can see them under the reflection on the surface.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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