Vineyard Trellis

Last weekend was the big trellis construction project. It is much larger and more impressive than I had anticipated! The vines are to arrive next week, and their cozy little holes are already drilled out and ready for their occupants to get tucked in and loved.0522151047

Then it is gentle weeding, pruning, and waiting three years before we will get any fruit. It seems like most of our farm project are long-term plans that call for a lot of faith and patience. It is a nice thing, though, to be continually looking to the future as we build a dream for ourselves.

I did do something short-term so that we can enjoy the new cleared area of the field. There were two rows not yet planted, waiting for the special vines my husband couldn’t get this year. I used them to plant the sunflower seeds I saved from last year’s garden. If it all goes as planned, we’ll be able to look out on the vineyard and see it framed in by a lovely field of tall sunflowers by the end of summer.




About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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