New pond inhabitants! It depends on your attitude whether or not they should be welcome. I found this sweet little snapping turtle 0525151153bcrawling towards the pond last week. He’s only about three inches long, but I know that they can become huge and dangerous. He might become a nasty predator to my fish as well. Do I need to worry?

I’ve recently noticed an occasional rustle in the cattails as I walk past that is not the same as the squeak and splash of a frog leaping off the shoreline. I looked up from my phone to see this little water snake swimming by0525151154, who did not notice me. Once I took a step, it startled and dove into the deep. I looked up “snake identification” on my phone and all I know is that it is not a water moccasin. Once again, some people are not too thrilled to have snakes in the pond. I find them to be an interesting surprise.

I have been worried that my bluegill and bass population may have died away, as all I ever see are little 2-3 inch babies in the shallows. I dug up some worms and cast my line out the other evening, and voila! I caught several reasonable-sized fish who had been hiding from view.

When we stocked the pond, the fish were “pellet trained” so that they’d churn the water snapping up the floating fish food we purchased from the fish farm. I ran out of it and skipped a year or two before buying more. This second batch of pellets seems awfully big – the size of dog kibble- and although it floats, the fish just don’t seem very interested. Perhaps the old fish have forgotten their training. Or maybe it just doesn’t smell or taste as good as the previous product. I really love watching the fish line up in anticipation when I call out to them, so maybe I’ll have to go back to the fish farm for the good stuff.

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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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1 Response to Reptiles

  1. calmjess says:

    I think it’s a Northern Water Snake. I hope I see it when we visit!

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