Grapevines Forming

0629151337aSo, a month after planting our delicate little grapevine twigs and roots, all but one have sprouted lush green leaves and some have begun stretching and reaching for something to wind around. My husband is busily learning the craft of Viticulture (growing grapes) and will soon begin his tasks of training and pruning the vines. Thus begins our 3-year quest for a vineyard that can produce wine grapes.

In the mean time, my sunflowers are holding the fort 0629151336on the last two rows set aside for next year’s new vines and they are reaching higher every day. Summer has officially arrived, so the weeds are in a rush to tip the scales and take over the gardens. The trickiest are the blades of grass that suddenly filled in every square inch around my asparagus. I did what I could to pinch them out by hand rather than using tools that might damage the baby spears. I fear it resulted in no more than a day’s respite before they spring back up. We’ll see. I am happy that the roots are still supplying me with a pound or more of fresh asparagus per week and I don’t know how much longer it will hold out. I am keeping logs this year, though, so I’ll have a record of how much and for how long the garden was producing.

0629151339I’ve also been battling the cattails along the shore of the pond and am due for another frontal attack this week and maybe to add a session with my long cutter tool that can reach 10 or 12 feet out for the deeper ones. It is a job I enjoy but it leaves me aching and sore for a day or two because I am relentless once I get started. You can see the ones that managed to root themselves just beyond my reach. Without a sturdy boat I don’t think I’ll ever be able to break their hold.

Still, the daily maintenance of the farm gives me a lot of pleasure and it helps to keep me strong. I had envisioned a retirement out in the fresh air, using my muscles and creating things. Thank you, farm, for that opportunity!


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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3 Responses to Grapevines Forming

  1. So jealous, I lived in Provence, FR for awhile and dream of growing grapes one day! What variety are you growing?

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