The Glory of Sunflowers

0719151911-001I just love sunflowers. So easy to plant, so trouble-free to grow, and so majestic when they mature. Last night I took an evening stroll down the path between my two rows by the vineyard. They are reaching well over my head, now, and the first flower has bloomed. They seem to love their home on the farm, soaking up the sun, the heat, and the rain like they are in their happy place. They form a nice shady farm lane to quietly walk and sneak up on the rabbits munching on cool evening grass.

0719151911aI don’t know which is prettier or more intriguing, the sunny blooms or the unopened buds with their lovely geometric shapes.  A lot of the ones I planted are the kind with multiple flowers on one stalk. When I harvest the seeds, it is a random mixture from an assortment of sunflower breeds so it is a nice surprise to see what each stalk produces. The birds should be really happy with this year’s crop.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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