A Day at the County Fair

0821151234Ah, Michigan summer! I took advantage of a sunny morning to myself and drove down to the Berrien County fairgrounds today to check out the fair.  It is as big and flashy as I remember it from my childhood. Twice as many display barns, rides, and food vendors as there were at our Cass County fair last week.0821151232a

I wandered through the Commercial barns and allowed my eyes to make contact with many of the vendors hawking politics, religion, and home improvement products. A lady insisted I take a little paperback book about her candidate who “is going to be our next president.” I’d never heard of him, but who knows? I took it out to a bench and skimmed the first few chapters just to feel I’d given it an honest listen. I think I am open-minded, but if I immediately write off someone who appears to be too conservative for me then I am only fooling myself.

0821151213I walked through the “Miracle of Birth” barn and saw the sweet little newborn animals resting in the stalls with their mothers. I strolled the goat and sheep barns in my perpetual quandary over which species I should add to my menagerie at the farm. Maybe I should get a llama or raise alpacas instead? Will I ever make up my mind?

Then, of course, there was lunch. How to decide between all the food trucks smelling 0821151243of tasty deep-fried anything you can think of — oreos, twinkies, corn dogs, elephant ears, and funnel cakes. It seems you can’t buy cotton candy swirled right onto the stick before your eyes like when I was a child. It doesn’t have much appeal stuffed into a plastic bag.  In the end, I was the best behaved I could manage and bought a grilled chicken breast on a bun. I took it on advisement to “Pork the one you love!”.

The home economics barn displayed the hand sewn and needle-worked items with their blue, purple, and pink ribbons to encourage everyone for giving it a try. I entered something myself when I was a kid, just to get into the fair for free. It was so Michigan to see a prize-winning ball gown sewn in delicate green camouflage fabric.

I0821151242 decided not to buy any silly souvenirs for my mother although they looked so enticing. I stopped to watch the county’s senior0821151256 citizens showing off their line dancing skills and thought to myself that this may be me in ten more years. Hopefully, I’ll be lively enough to have some fun even if my joints creak.

All in all, it was a fun day. I’d gotten a stamp on my hand in case Joe wanted to go back tonight and see it for himself but unless we wanted to do the rides on the midway it was not really a two-visit kind of experience.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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2 Responses to A Day at the County Fair

  1. There’s nothing better than a day at the Berrien County Youth Fair. Great coverage.

  2. Holy smokes, grilled chicken over all those fried delicacies? I’m impressed! Thanks for another nice recounting of a summer day up North.

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