The Golden Season

I always like this time in late summer when the wildflowers all turn to golden. There are just a few patches of blues or whites but looking out over the fields in the morning sun it seems like the earth is just glowing in soft yellow hues. Up close, it is just as delightful.0903151546

The crazy fireworks of goldenrod stalks are what you see along the top. The others I’d have to go and look up, but it doesn’t make them any less appreciated.

In another month, all this will dry up and fade into a dull brown and will become cover for the little animals who need a place to hide from predators this winter. There is a local “Pheasants Forever” chapter that was in the paper recently because they released their first big batch out into the wild. I wonder if they’d like to let some loose in our prairie.

0901151510aHere is another little guy who tipped his triangular head at me as I walked into the barn. Maybe it is a female getting ready to prepare some cocoons for winter.

For my part of preparing for winter, I am busy drying vegetables in my new dehydrator. I’ve got bags and bags of dried roma tomato chips now and a neighbor just dropped off a box of extra apples he picked. I’ll try drying them as well and see if I can sell them at the church bazaar this year. I’m getting to be a regular prairie woman!


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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3 Responses to The Golden Season

  1. patsyporco says:

    How do dried tomatoes taste? Where’s your prairie?

    • bluestempond says:

      They are super-concentrated tomato taste! I dry them till they are crispy, but as you chew them, they get more like gummy bears in consistency. You can throw them into soups and stews, on top of pizza, or soak to reconstitute. This is my first year to do it so I haven’t tried anything but chewing yet. 🙂

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