Harvest in the Barn

0914151005I finished my sunflower harvesting project! I had to buy two extra packages of lunch bags to do it, but I lovingly covered all the heads that I’d strung together and tied some twine around the top to hold them on. Then I strung up about eight long chains of sunflower heads up high where the mice won’t be able to reach them over the winter.

I probably saved way too many, but there was so much left untouched as well. I stood, looking over the remaining mess of flower heads. Do I just leave them for the birds? Then I had a flash of brilliance. My chickens need protein and sunflower seeds are full of it!

0914151103I have now covered a long table with all the leftover (un-bagged) sunflower heads, and I’m going to toss three or four a day into the chicken run. I wasn’t sure they’d figure it out, so I stood watching. Cooper, the rooster, was the first to investigate, and he quickly began his clucking call to the girls to come and see. They came running, and in no time were all pecking away at the flowers, plucking out the seeds. A win-win, as long as we don’t need to use the table top in the barn for anything else.

In order to put the bagged sunflowers up, I had to take the onions down. About a quarter of them were beginning to either rot or sprout and I had to throw them away, but look at the pretty bushel of onions that were left. This is our first year growing onions, and if they store well, we should have enough for a few months, at least.0914151130

My husband and I decided to plan next year’s garden together.  I think we can plant a lot more variety, but not quite so much volume. It did not take long to get sick of eating and processing vegetables that kept on giving. I still have three gallon ziplock bags of green beans in the fridge that need something done with them, and it is nagging at me. If I wait too long and they get moldy I’ll be really mad at myself.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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2 Responses to Harvest in the Barn

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  2. Brilliant idea for your chickens. Your onions look lovely. We keep rounding out our ideas for urban gardening and onions and garlic are definitely on the list. Thanks for the bit of inspiration to keep moving forward.

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