Aster Season

We were just discussing last night that we would have expected a huge bloom of asters by now across the whole farm. This is the last bit of the “nectar flow” that the honeybees count on to store up the honey they’ll need to survive the winter. This year there was lots of goldenrod but we haven’t seen the little daisy-like asters and we’re a little worried that they never showed up.

0918151610aWhen I strolled out to see my fish in the pond, low and behold that end of the farm is covered in asters now! They were just buzzing with all kinds of bees, and although they would not stay still long enough for a portrait, trust me that this small sampling had about 15 bees on it.

The fields surrounding the pond are full of white hedges of asters and I can’t believe I did not see them before. Maybe it was due to the rainstorm we got last night.  The old beekeeper’s saying is “Aster means Disaster” because the pollen can make them ill. Still, a temporary stomach ache is better than starving from not enough honey stores.0918151609a

About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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