Chicken Feather Project

1006151928We might be making progress on getting those feathers grown back at last.  I got this special spray shipped over from the UK, and applied it to two of the worst cases a few nights ago. Dare I believe that one of them looks marginally better today?

I was a nervous wreck about applying it the first time and had my husband help. They insist you wear rubber gloves, and there are all sorts of dire warnings. This time, I bundled up like a haz-mat suit with overalls, my bee jacket, and latex gloves. Then I went into the coop and plucked one hen at a time off of the roost. I was surprised they did not make more of a fuss. I tucked them with their heads under my arm and sprayed their bare spots and the surrounding feathers with this very distasteful solution. It has pine tar in it and I still get a bitter taste in the back of my throat from stray molecules that I must have inhaled.

The whole point is that when one gets pecked, the pecker gets an unpleasant taste and quickly decides it is not in her best interest to do it again. We shall see. They are really mean to each other now, and I’d love to see less bullying in the chicken yard.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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    Welcome to the pecking party. Enjoy

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