The Bugs are Back!

1007151447aLast year, I was surprised and somewhat horrified by a sudden swarm of ladybugs that rose out of nowhere and began landing everywhere. It came to mind last week when I saw one or two and I was pleased to see it was not recurring.

I guess I jinxed it. This week we had one nice warm sunny day and when I walked out the back door I was attacked by the swarm again. They haven’t bitten, but out of the blue they appear and commence crawling up your arms and across your face, wherever they happen to land. If they manage to sneak in the door with you, they collect on the windows and doors and corners and seem to multiply.

Last year I spent weeks, maybe months, collecting them from the windows and opening the screens to toss them out into the cold. I was still doing this in the dead of winter, heartlessly dumping them into the snow. Every one you touch leaves a strong odor on your hands, and I have to wash each time I ferry one out to the wild. How annoying!

So, when the bloom began last week and they were flocking to land on and in the house, I groaned. Here we go again. It just might have been a fluke though, because it got cool again and I no longer see many outside. I’ve collected about ten from inside the house but maybe we’ll escape the hordes this year.

About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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1 Response to The Bugs are Back!

  1. michiganme says:

    Those sound like Asian Lady Beetles Nancy. They do sometimes pinch 🙂

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