Snow Day, 2016

20160112_103343It doesn’t look that bad out. I was looking forward to band rehearsal and was ready to mobilize when my husband announced that band was cancelled due to snow. As it turns out, all the local schools are closed, too. I looked out the window and humphed to myself – what’s the big deal?

I let the dogs out and noticed deep paw prints outside their doggy door so I went out for the shovel to clear a path for them. Surprisingly, I had to shove a six-inch deep layer off the porch and it was COLD. I had on my robe and slippers but with mittens to hide the real impact of the temperature, it surprised me when my slippers got stiff and white. Denial is a powerful thing.

What to do on a day when I am trapped in the house? I have chores to do that I’ve been avoiding but avoidance seems to still be the chosen path for me. I can indulge in my music, art, reading, or baking, but it makes me feel like I am not serving the world as I ought to. I will probably bundle up and take some hot oatmeal out to the chickens. They have refused to leave the coop for a couple days to step into the cold and it is getting pretty stinky in their bedroom. I have learned that you can’t force them to do something they don’t want to, but if I am really going to be helpful I could spread some straw for them to step out onto. It is awfully cold, though. I’m conflicted.



About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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