Goat Shelter – the Skeleton

20160714_120328We are getting there! My engineering husband designed the shed where the goats can lounge in the shade and curl up together at night. It will have aluminum sides and a gate so that we can lock them up safely if we feel we need to. I’m not sure if we will want to do that yet. They should be pretty safe within their electric fenced pasture.

It is built on skids so that we can pull it across the field to a new spot when we shift the goats to new pasture. I have read that you need to move them to different feeding grounds now and then to break the cycle of parasites and to let the field recover. We ended up fencing less than an acre so I hope they won’t feel crowded.

We are winding down the tasks that need to be completed before we bring the little goats home. I’ve read two goat books, not to mention all the internet articles I can stand. I ordered a new book on Angora Goats that will provide instructions more specific to that breed. You have to treat them just right so that their “mohair” grows with the best texture.

This is beginning to get real.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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4 Responses to Goat Shelter – the Skeleton

  1. smfarm says:

    How exciting to be getting some goats! Are you going to use their wool/hair for hand spinning or anything?

  2. bluestempond says:

    Yes, that is the plan. I learned to spin several years ago but rarely do it but on top of the joy of having animals I thought this would get me going on that hobby.

  3. Ann Hill says:

    Great start! The shed will provide good shelter. Did you acquire the cable rounds and the hay you need? Some lucky little guys!

    • bluestempond says:

      We got wooden spools last week, (if that is what cable rounds are), and got the name of a hay source. We heard that the goats were weaned yesterday, so as soon as we’re ready!

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