King of the Hill

Now that my goats have come to trust me, I am beginning to train them some simple tricks. I take peanuts or green beans out with me and call their names, rewarding them when they respond. I can’t help it, I use dog commands and keep finding myself saying, “Good dog!” when they do the right thing.

I am having trouble with their names. My mind goes blank trying to remember which is Edison and which is Everett. I think the names are too similar and I’ve just about decided to rename one of them so they sound distinctively different. I’m thinking, “Eddie” and “Eli” so the first syllable is different. I’ve got to decide soon before Everett gets confused.

20160728_180501They have conquered the obstacle course! We saw Eli sleeping on top of it this morning. I coaxed Eddie up onto it and he clomped delicately across the platform.  Then Eli followed and they got into a head-butting match to see who would get the honor of earning treats up there. Eddie won, this time and clearly felt proud of it. 20160728_18050920160728_180518


Look at me – The King!


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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