Veteran Chickens

20160801_204549I can hardly believe this is my flock’s third summer, and it’s already practically over. Caring for them is now old news and I only just got around to raking out and hosing down their run this week. They were delighted to have a change of scenery. They all lined up on their little platform to survey their new world.

Now that I frequently pass through the chicken run to visit the goats, the chickens rush the door at every opportunity and spend a lot of time free-ranging. They have a couple spots where they can squeeze through the fence and wander the property. 20160718_141100Cooper,  the rooster, struggles to keep an eye on all his girls and if one is outside the fence he slips out to watch over her. For some reason, though, he can’t get back through to return to the coop. I have found him distressed, clucking all around the perimeter and separated from his tribe.

He and I finally worked out a method for getting him home without my having to corner him and make a grab so I can toss him over. I open the barn door and he hurries in behind me, trotting over to the door to the chicken run and hopping back in. One of these days I will watch to see how he gets through the fence and try to teach him that he can go through both ways.


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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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