More Deluge Surprises

20160816_111825I went out to inspect the animals to see how the heavy rain impacted them. The cardboard box the baby chicks called home was soaked and falling apart. They were pecking holes in it already, so I quickly constructed a chicken wire box for them and moved them in. This was in my plan for next week anyway, so I just moved up the schedule. Now the other chickens will begin getting used to seeing them and hopefully in three more weeks I can allow them to mingle. The chicks can wiggle through the holes but not for long and hopefully they can find their way back in if they do.

The goats were feeling frisky after being cooped up by the rain. I enjoyed watching them butting heads and playing at being ferocious rams. (My precious babies!)

20160816_103046Last, I went to check the pond, which had overflowed. Funny, I ran the hose into it overnight just a week ago because it had gotten so low. I was pleased to see that the overflow ditch worked perfectly so the extra flowed down into the woods and not into the neighbor’s yard. I saw strange wiggling movements in the ditch among the grasses and went to investigate. 20160816_112531Apparently, the minnows got confused with their pond flowing downhill and they were stranded. I scooped up several handfuls and tossed them back into the pond but then I looked farther down the hill and saw this was a bigger job than I’d anticipated. I decided to let the local blue heron come and clean up the rest.20160816_112724



About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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8 Responses to More Deluge Surprises

  1. lisakunk says:

    Goodness, you have your hands full. I’m I don’t just mean “minnows” but them too. Love the photo of the dancing goat. Good luck battling nature and saving nature. It’s a full time job I’m sure.

  2. We think herons are good luck. Yours will be very happy with a minnow feast!

  3. That is my new blog name–Linsey F.

  4. Ann Coleman says:

    Your farm is becoming a very busy place! And I know what you mean about the minnows. I feel the same way after a rain storm and see all the worms stranded on the sidewalks. I “save” some of them, but then I look at all the others and realize I can’t get them all. Which is bad luck for the worms, but good luck for the local birds….

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