Chickens In The Mist

It is a slow September morning on the farm and the cool, wet fog is dampening the sights and sounds around me. I went out for my morning visit to the barn to feed and greet the animals and had to slap several mosquitoes that found my small patches of unprotected skin. They are really thick this month, due to the heavy rains and I have to wear long sleeves, long pants, tall rubber boots and sometimes a hooded jacket on top of it. They still find a way to buzz my ears and catch a ride back into the house to torment me later.

I enjoy my morning trip to the barn because I am greeted with enthusiasm by my little menagerie. The goats start bleating as soon as they hear the garage door go up and the clang of the metal lid on the goat food bin. They circle my legs and lean in as I try to walk to their food dish and I have to trick them to get them out of the way long enough for me to pick up the rubber dish and dump out last night’s leftovers. Then, they push and shove with their bony foreheads in a race to eat the other’s share of breakfast.

The chickens crowd around the door to their run, waiting for me to free them to run out into the world looking for bugs. The little chicks are growing fast and now only half of them are small enough to slip in and out of the fence. Soon, they will be confined at night like their aunties. 20160909_080312I have not decided yet whether they will need help finding their way into the coop to roost with the rest of the flock. I believe they are still sleeping on the little bar I put in their private area but they are up and about too early in the morning for me to see.

As I headed back into the house, I came upon the tracks of a lone hen who’d hurried out to the garden to beat the crowds. Funny, some of the chickens want to be close to the flock but others prefer their privacy. Isa was out patrolling the garden fence.20160909_080522

20160909_080624This is one of those early fall mornings where the dew highlights the spiderwebs that are so prolific this time of the year. It makes me think of walking to school, as a child. Speaking of school, I am taking a class at the local college this fall! I decided to get more educated in web design so I am in a class with a bunch of very young adults, working on a team project. I suspect the immaturity factor will drive me up a wall, but I may learn some things about popular culture.

I woke up today with anticipation of a day with no appointments and a big project! This is the day I’m going to dye Eddie’s mohair. I’ve been researching how to do it, using several resources because they all suggest different recipes and I am having to combine them into a plan that fits my ingredients and equipment. I hope my next blog entry shows some beautiful rainbow mohair!

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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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