The Shadow of Winter

It frosted last night, prompting us to attend to the goats’ winter quarters. We nailed a nice tough tarp across most of their shelter to keep out the worst of the wet winds. 20161014_112243Eddy and Ely were really curious about the changes to their bedroom and tried mightily to get a good bite out of it. Eddie kept reaching out with his lips to grab the shadow of a chain hanging off the gate but just could not get a good hold on it. 20161014_111242The unexpected feature of the tarp was letting in lots of sun and creating a shadowbox looking out from the inside. Maybe they will come to enjoy playing with that.

We now have that nice indoor stall ready for the really bad weather, but I will be testing out the shed to keep them warm outdoors as long as possible. I think I’ll add straw bedding a little later in the season as well. The boys surprised me this week when they continued roaming about the field in the middle of a cold, blowing rainstorm. Their hair got wet and as it dried it got stiff and crusty. It must be great insulation, anyway.




About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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