Cat Person

I’ve had dogs all my life. They catch my eye wherever I see them out in the world, and my husband always knows where my attention will go when we’re out on the street. It’s a little inside joke between us because I am so predictable. I think I am more attuned to dogs than to people, sometimes.

At home, my own dogs are closely connected to my awareness and I can sense what they are feeling and what they want me to know about their needs. It’s just natural, and its often a two-way street.

Cats, on the other hand, are foreigners. I don’t “get” an animal who doesn’t care much about my attention unless it is to accomplish their own aims. Some of my best friends are cat lovers and the fact that they can appreciate an animal that doesn’t adore them back seems to point out my own flawed character.

Perhaps I am going to change that, starting today. As I suspected, now that there is animal feed stored in the barn, we have developed quite a mouse population. My husband cleaned the barn last week and was grossed out by mouse nests, droppings, and live creatures scattering every time he went to clean out a new drawer or shelf. Time for a working barn cat.

20170616_164023Meet Emerald, the new hire. I picked her out of the lineup at the local shelter. I wanted a mouser who did not have a great need for human interaction, and they suggested she might fit the bill. Her huge green eyes suggested the name to me.

“Emmie” came home in a cardboard cat box and I closed up the barn before setting her free. I planned to play with her for a while and get some nice pictures for the blog, but she immediately shot under the shelves and hid so I may never see her again. Good thing I took one photo before leaving the shelter.

My aim is to make Emmie the queen of the barn to patrol all night and sleep during the day. That means she needs to learn that this is her new home. I set up a nice food/water station and a cat climbing tower so she could hop up and look out the window. I bought her a cat litter box but eventually I’d like to open the barn overhead door just a crack so she can go do her business outside.


That’s once she feels like the barn is her home, so I plan to keep her closed up inside for a few days.

For now, here is my view of Emerald. Don’t see her? Neither do I but I know she is somewhere in the dark spidery recesses under the bottom shelf. Maybe one day she’ll trust me enough to come out and visit when I enter the barn.

Will I ever relate to cats?


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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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8 Responses to Cat Person

  1. michiganme says:

    How does it work with barn cats? Do you feed them or would that defeat the purpose of having mousers? Will she bring her catch to you and drop it at your feet like a gift? Will her presence just scare mice away? So many questions…

  2. lol I’m not a cat person either. At least I wasn’t until a couple months ago. I fell in love with my first cat. He’s so precious. He loves to be cuddled & spoiled. My husband isn’t impressed by his laziness but, I love him. Lol

  3. If you are in tune with animals, you will do the same with Emmie, unless she’s feral. Some barn cats are. My cat is completely independent, until she’s not. Occasionally I am blessed with her getting on me and she will knead me, and purring like mad as she demonsteates how content she is.

  4. I hope that Emerald comes out of hiding and wins you over a little bit. I am a dog person and I’m a cat person too. I’ve enjoyed watching my dog and cat forge their own, quirky relationship. Cat: “You are my dog!” Dog: “And you are my cat.” Cat, swiping dogs nose as dog winces: “Nope. You are just my dog.” Cat walks away with tail in air. Dog rolls eyes: “Whatever.”

    And Emerald looks like she’s gonna be a great mouser. She’ll catch the mice whether you feed her or not.

  5. bluestempond says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. I got down on my hands and knees this afternoon and peered into the far corner of the darkness. There were two green orbs looking back.

  6. Ann Coleman says:

    I prefer dogs to cats, but cats are good animals, too. I suspect the two of you will get to know each other and work out your relationship over time.

  7. lisakunk says:

    Best of luck with your mouser. Our inside cat is all about any tiny critter that enters the house.

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