The Hidden Cat

barn catEmmie, the new barn cat, is still in hiding. For a little while, she’d occasionally “Meow” and if someone sat on the concrete floor and waited patiently, she’d come out for a little head-scratch. I’m stubborn and don’t like having to beg for an audience. I think she senses that because she doesn’t come out for me.

I can’t figure out where she is living, either. I see no shining eyes in the dark recesses under the shelves anymore. For a few days, there was no food being eaten or movement in the litter box. I’d just about decided she had left for a better family, but I left the garage door up a few inches at night just in case. Yesterday I found some food eaten and dents in the litter. Today, a little more of each.

How am I going to know if my tenant is home, much less if she is doing her job on the mouse population? For all I know, the cat eating our food is not even Emmie. I guess I am a bit impatient and am not adapting to the cat world so well. I still crave positive feedback from my pets. I wonder if I should get her a companion? I am at a loss, here.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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4 Responses to The Hidden Cat

  1. I think barnyard cats are considered a bit more feral, aka even more antisocial then the normal house cat, and depending on how large your acreage is, it might be a bit to restricting for two cats. I think if you questioned the rescue where you got Emmie, they could give you a better answer. Overall though, I think it just takes time. But in reality, I don’t think a barn cat is going to give you the attention you might want from her.

  2. Put up a game camera. We love our cameras & use them often for predator problems etc.

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