Barn Cat – Reprise

20170630_114637I think I finally have this cat thing figured out. Emmie is living in the barn, for sure, but she does go out to roam sometimes. She left me a dead mouse in the middle of the barn floor. She has taken to hiding under the big mower that the tractor pulls because it is just her height to slide under and watch what’s going on. If she wants to communicate, she will do a faint, “Meow”, but most of the time she wants nothing to do with me.

The other day, the dog was frantically scratching at a hole under the back stairs of the house. I thought it was a chipmunk he’d cornered but then the animal seemed to start fighting back. I put Fionn into the house and listened till I heard a faint sound so I sat down and “Meow-ed” back. After a while, Emmie peeked out and decided she’d come out and allow me to pet her. I carried her back to the barn and closed her in for the rest of the day, but I had to make a decision – should we leave the garage door ajar or try to keep her locked in?

The final verdict is that we’ll keep the door up a few inches, too low for the chickens to sneek in and poop all over the floor but high enough for a little cat to scoot under. I think she’s mad at me for picking her up so I’m going to give her all the space she wants. I’ll talk to her when I’m in the barn but will have no expectations of returned affection.

So, that is the end of the cat story. We’ll see if things change over time but for now I think we’ve reached stability.

One last thing, I like to have a photo to go along with a blog entry and this cat situation has made it really difficult. I put off writing, hoping to get anything to illustrate the story. Enough of this. Here are pictures of my much friendlier pets. Fionn and Beezy in an unusually cozy mood, and Cooper the rooster who always loves me.

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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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5 Responses to Barn Cat – Reprise

  1. I dunno–I think this is just the beginning of the cat story. She obviously likes you or she wouldn’t have left you a dead mouse. Honestly, it’s an honor to get such a kitty gift. And coming out for a pet…that’s pretty special. You may end up a dog person who also happens to be a cat person. Can’t wait to hear more as this story unfolds. Big hugs and happy summer!

  2. JodiMelsness says:

    I love her name is Emme, just like my nine year old Emme. Your flowers are beautiful!

  3. Lol love it. It’ll get better….maybe.

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