A Brief Cuddle

Emmie, the barn cat, has clearly come to see her barn as home. We have an established routine now and maybe once a week she deigns to call out and solicit a visit. Surprisingly, I was the recipient one day last week.


I heard the little “Mew” coming from one of her hiding places and I sat down to call back to her. What followed was at least five minutes of my rubbing her ears and back while she slinked back and forth under my hand showing me what she wanted.

I held my phone in the other hand and tried to get one good shot to prove we’d had this brief friendly relationship. She did not make it easy, but here is a little documentation of “my” cat and me.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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2 Responses to A Brief Cuddle

  1. So now you have some cat tendencies. I have loved following this story of “Emmie, the Barn Cat.” May you two have a long and prosperous mousing relationship. Big smiles!

  2. Ann Coleman says:

    I’m so glad she’s warming up to you!

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