Snow Comes Again

I am fond of snow this time of the year. (Ask me in March and you’ll hear a different story.) We finally got our first couple inches this week and all the animals are remembering what it’s like and what to do with it.

Goats 12-2017The dogs came in flinging little snowballs from their feet all over the house. The chickens did not wander the yard as much as usual and the three “babies” did not venture out at all. The goats’ curly foreheads were crusted with ice and snow, although I’m not sure why. I looked around for their tracks and it looked like they’d slept in their shed, out of the cold. They were out in the pasture nibbling whatever green stuff they could still find. Maybe they’d rubbed their faces in the snow in the process.

I found cat paw prints all up and down the driveway, so one or both of them have been out exploring.  Their prints were intermingled with rabbit, mouse, and deer tracks. Emmie’s silky black coat stands out starkly against the snow so if I look out the window it is easy to spot her. Mickey seems to prefer staying in the barn but I have found him outside a couple times so I know he has figured out the cat door.  This may be the first snow that either of them have experienced.

My game camera broke so I don’t know if we are still getting visits from foreign cats at night. I’m curious whether the cat door discouraged the visits. Yesterday, I broke down and ordered a new camera from a more reputable company. I am nosy and just want to know what’s going on out there when I’m not around.

For me, I am spending most of my time indoors, creating things. I’m really getting into the joys of knitting, especially for Christmas gifts. Once the gifting season is over, I’m going to focus in on spinning more mohair yarn. Now that I know more about what I’ll do with it, I am excited to start experimenting with different weights, colors, and textures.

Even so, it is good for me to have the barnyard visits to get me out of the house and into the fresh air a couple times a day.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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