New Fiber Room

My husband’s antique printing press wasn’t getting much use, so he sold it to a local college professor to use as a hands-on experience for his graphic design students. Moving it out of the barn and down to the classroom was not an easy task but we got it done and it freed up space for me to re-purpose as a fiber processing studio. (Sounds elegant that way, doesn’t it?)

We scrubbed out all the cobwebs and mouse droppings and uncovered the pristine white ceiling and walls we put in when we thought it would be a honey house. My handy-man husband put in a big double sink, a nice long counter top, and some shelves to put my tubs of fiber way up out of reach of the mice. I invested in a couple induction hotplates that won’t burn down the barn like a flame or an electric coil might do. We use induction at home so all my pots were already magnetic and will work with the hotplates.

Now, I’ve moved in my carding machine, my tubs of carded fiber, and all those pots and dying chemicals. I think I’ll be ready to go when I shear the goats in October. This one room is insulated so that it is always warmer in winter and cooler in the summer than the rest of the barn. Maybe not enough to stand in the freezing cold but we’ll see. Most of the work will be in April and October when I do my shearing.

Before we had built the house, our barn was the only bit of civilization available when we drove down to the land to work on things. We’d put in a full bathroom, a fridge, microwave, and cabinet of essentials such as beer, and s’mores ingredients. Since moving into the house these touches were not heavily used, but now that I have my she-shed, who knows?


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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2 Responses to New Fiber Room

  1. Is a “She-Shed” in your future? LOL. I love that those students get a chance to work with and learn about the printing press. In this digital age of lit of screens and keyboards, it’s good to know about the evolving ingenuity that brought things forward. All good wishes with your new fiber room. 😉

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