Mystery Hen

I have not much to say recently, as most of my farm experiences have become routine and not worth a big announcement on the blog. We’ve just returned from a week away, visiting for Christmas, and I am so grateful to get back to my animals and my “normal”. Does that get to be more of a big deal for everyone as they get older, or is it just me?

buttercup combAnyway, here is a mystery solved. Our spring batch of hens – the little ones that survived the fox – has four members. One is Prince Harry, the rooster. He is now quite large and proud. Then there is Tophat, the olive-egger, Gemma, the Sapphire Gem, and Scooter, the one little chicken of unknown breed. Unknown until now, anyway.

I have been wondering if Scooter was perhaps a little rooster because of the way she holds her tail high, and because I haven’t seen any eggs that I thought were hers. I finally took some pictures and looked her up on the internet. It turns out she is a Sicilian Buttercup. They are relatively rare (like $7.00 each instead of $1.99) and their most distinguishing feature is their comb that forms a cute little cup. Scooter’s is very pronounced but she moves fast and is not easy to capture on film. sicilian buttercup

Here is a photo of someone who looks just like her.  I think Scooter moves so fast because she is the smallest one in the coop and needs to be able to protect herself. I’ve seen her slip out of the clutches of the rooster several times so it seems to work for her. She lays white eggs, which is why I didn’t think she was laying. I can’t tell the difference between hers and the four white  hens I got later. I’ll just assume it is happening.

So, anyway, here is the one thing that is new and noteworthy at Bluestem Pond. I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays and time away from the normal routine.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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  1. Happy, Healthy New Year to you and all the critters at Blue Stem Pond.

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