A Hard Decision

SweaterI love creating things, which is why spinning and knitting my goats’ mohair fiber is such a satisfying experience for me. One of my first big projects was to create a complicated sweater out of the white kid mohair that came off of Eddy. It took a long time and taught me a lot. Unfortunately, although I loved the look and feel of the sweater it turned out several sizes too large and hung on me like a tent.

This lovingly crafted item has been folded up in my closet for a year and only worn about three times, and every time I wore it I felt like I had to apologize. Yesterday, I came to a moment of reckoning. Angora goats are only “kids” for a short time and the fiber from those early years is at its most precious and soft. Why was I wasting it on something that rarely comes out to play? I decided that with the skills I’ve developed I should unravel it and try again on something new.

After a few hours of effort last night, my sweater has transformed to a ball of yarn almost the size of a volleyball. It has a number of knots to work around, but at least I am not wasting it.

I’ve spent the morning looking through patterns for something more likely to turn out well, and also happened across a book that is intended to teach me how to make knitted items that really fit. Let’s see how this works out!



About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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1 Response to A Hard Decision

  1. I’ve had to unravel more than one long manuscript to find out where I made mistakes and to retrace my steps so I could create something that “fits.” So, I feel your pain. Courage on. The next sweater is going to be great. It takes the soul of an artist to lovingly start over . . . Big hugs.

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