Spinning Marathon

yarn on a niddy noddyI have made it my goal to convert my many bins of combed mohair into yarn before the end of summer. This is quite time-consuming but satisfying as I see the piles go down and the skeins of fresh yarn pile up. I dyed the spring shearing in small batches of many random colors, so I now have whole palettes of yarn for rug hooking. The batch from the fall was done in three big piles of single colors, enough for sweaters.

I plan to make something for myself out of this pretty pinkish-violet color. I thought it would be fun to knit in a picture my two goats in their natural color on the front. That would be a winter project, but I’ll get all the yarn ready so I won’t have to stop and spin more.

I have two other sweaters close to finished but the end is painfully slow as there are so many other things to work on this time of year. Also, it seems like it gets a little boring towards the end of the project. I am determined, though, and will be ready to wear them when the weather turns cool, at the very least.

My son made me a really cool contraption to hold the spools while I ply two of them together or when wrapping the finished product into a skein. The old fashioned tool is called a “Lazy Kate” but I don’t have a name for this. It works quite well except for one design flaw. As the spool turns, it gradually loosens the round metal part it sits on and it slips off and inside the spool. I came up with a solution, though. I have one knitting needle that is the same diameter as the hole in the middle of the spool, and I slide it in and jiggle it around till the metal part falls out. Then I screw it back on, put everything back together, and proceed. I don’t even swear while doing it anymore. I am lucky to have a son who likes making things for me as much as I like using them.

About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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  1. I love the dusty rose color of the wool. I can definitely see a sweater with a matching hat!

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