A Labor of Love

Angora GoatFarm animals can be a messy, dirty chore and you have to love them to keep up with it. My goats require attention once a month for their worm and lice prevention meds and hoof trimming. I read something recently about trimming hooves twice a year but these guys get the edges growing out and curling under or splitting apart and getting clotted up with filth that needs to be scraped away. Appetized yet? Read on if you have a strong stomach or a sincere love of goats.

Eddy and Ely are perfectly charming, but they have never learned to wipe. When they have to pee, they just let loose and it dribbles down right through their dense curly hair. It gets so cruddy and tough I can’t get a scissors through it so it just accumulates. After three years of this, I finally took action today.

Their grooming tool is a gigantic, heavy, and loud creature that they don’t like anywhere near them, much less close to their private parts. I have never dared use it for this purpose. Their undercarriage had gotten so disgusting though, that I ordered myself an old fashioned hand shearer. Interestingly, it is light and designed to require minimal hand pressure for some real torque. I discovered that the blades only come together in the tip, so you have to nip gently in little bites but it does work. This means as soon as I could bring myself to gingerly pull down a matted lock of cruddy hair, snip snip, off it fell. Now, both goats have neat shapes with no black horrors hanging down below. (See the picture at the top.) Yay!

About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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