My Goat Sweater

I finished my sweater with the picture of Eddy and Ely on the front! It is very soft and fuzzy, as well as pretty heavy. Of course, it is made from the boys’ mohair, mostly from year two. I plan to wear it to the Trailing of the Sheep festival in October. For once, I did not leave it to the last minute to finish, so I just had to share it with my knitting friends!


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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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8 Responses to My Goat Sweater

  1. OMG! This turned out beautifully. Congratulations on creating such a lovely piece of wearable art! And I love your little goats on the front!

  2. knittingjane says:

    Absolutely beautiful šŸšŸšŸ

  3. bluestempond says:

    Thanks! Drawing and then mapping out the pictures for knitting was a new experience.

  4. Ann Coleman says:

    It looks great! And I’m impressed that you knitted your own sweater with wool from your own goats!

  5. It’s just beautiful. My husband is finding it VERY amusing that I am trying to knit a sweater for myself and that I have fully unpicked it four times in the last four days!
    Well done on such a wonderful project.

    • bluestempond says:

      I also get teased by my husband for how often I rip out and redo my work. If it just doesn’t look right, I’ll never wear it though. So it’s worth the effort.

  6. Inkplume says:

    The sweater is beautiful! I don’t knit but this might be incentive to start.

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