My daughter’s other little dog is a Chihuahua-Yorkie mix named Taco. His Yorkshire Terrier heritage gives him a shed-free silky brown coat and the Chihuahua side gives him the wide-set  round eyes, fierce temper, and tendency to tremble when stressed. DNA testing revealed a touch of Brussels Griffin which would explain his charming little snubbed nose and bristly beard.

Taco has a personality that far out-spans his size. When he is visiting at our house, he trembles with the desire to join in to play or be petted but his defenses hold him back out of reach much of the time. With the larger dogs it often comes out as snarling, snapping teeth, especially if he has secured a lap and doesn’t want any competition. You can tell how badly he wants to be involved and I know if we patiently wait a day or two we will be gifted with a more relaxed pup coming to us for affection.

I am always surprised to see how, among dogs, the size of the animal has little bearing on how the others relate to him.  A little 5 lb. squirt can hold a 40 lb. adult at bay, cautiously giving him a wide berth. It seems to be the personality that matters, not the muscle mass.

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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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  1. Taco has both an adorable name and an adorable face. I love little dogs with big spirits, and it sounds like Taco is one of those. How fun to write about your pack.

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