We have two Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers, an Irish breed that meets the bottom line requirement for my husband — no allergic reaction.  Beezee has the “Irish coat”, a silky wavy variety that does not grow very fast and thus does not require much grooming. When she has been bathed, her hair is soft, sweet, and flowing like angel robes. She can hardly wait to go outside and roll in something smelly.

We adopted Beezee when she was four years old, having been returned to the breeder because she couldn’t live with the man of the house.  We got forewarning that large, loud men would stress her out. We said we’d give it a try. She adapted really well to our little family and cuddled up to my husband and me immediately. She is smart, sweet, and gets along with Fionn, who is technically her brother-in-law, as she had borne a litter fathered by Fionn’s brother.

Beezee has springs in her muscles – think Tigger. She can be sleeping peacefully on the bed and the faint crunch of gravel down the driveway will snap her to attention as she flies through the air to the window, shouting in alarm. I guess you can say she is a good protector. It causes us some trouble when we have visitors, especially men. She can tolerate male company until they rise from their chairs to leave. That is her cue to whip around behind them to snap at their hand or calf, not biting down hard, but making her point known. We tried everything in our bag of tricks to train her out of it but now we just lock her up when company comes.

Beezee is motherly with canine company. She will play goodheartedly with Addie and let her climb all over her without complaint. Perhaps it is because she has had children of her own. She will stand up for herself when she is getting a bit more sniffing than she cares for, lifting her lip and showing some teeth. Dogs understand that signal quite easily.

She and Fionn have their little routines and forms of communication. Beezee will be chewing on a toy and Fionn will give a faint growl from the sofa. She’ll politely walk away and he’ll pounce triumphantly on the toy. It all seems to be good-natured play between them. Beezee can tolerate just about everything except Fionn being louder than she is at the window. That will bring a snarl and a snap of correction from her. They don’t cuddle or groom each other but they do trot around the yard together as a team. Even if they aren’t soul mates they still belong to the same pack.


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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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  1. Love that little face. She definitely looks like a snuggler . . .

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