Goat Mischief

I’m treating my goat for a bad case of parasites, and the vet gave me a really strong medicine requiring a dose every day for five days. She estimated him at about 200 lbs and based the dosage on that. Being a nervous goat mom, I took out some instructions I’d found a few years ago for estimating a goat’s weight. You measure their girth by sliding a tape measure under their armpits and up to their shoulders, their length from the collar bone to the tail, and then use a special calculation.

I found a tape measure and headed out to the pasture to gather the data. I am not reliable with remembering numbers, so I took my papers with me and set a heavy weight on top so they wouldn’t blow away. Then Ely and I did a little dance where I crept up to him, he edged away, I crept closer, he edged further away. Then Eddy wanted in on the game so he bounced over swinging his horns and herded Ely out into the field. I spent the next ten minutes plodding around the field after them, feeling like a fool. I finally got ahold of Ely and measured his girth, but every time I tried to hold the tape from front to back he’d scoot out of the way again.

I finally settled on a number and went back to record it. Eddy had bored of the chasing game, discovered my papers, and was happily chewing and swallowing my instruction sheet. He was really smug about it, too. I yelled and chased him away, but the paper was wet and half digested already. I’ll be so happy when Ely is feeling good again and goes back to being a playmate to his brother so they can keep each other out of trouble.

About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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