Patriot Sweater

I am happy with the final version of this sweater I made for a friend. It is all home-spun mohair and so it is quite warm and fuzzy, way too much so to wear until the fall. What I am finding is that experience pays off. I am much better at prepping and spinning the fiber and also have gotten a lot smarter in my knitting. My friend is a very small woman with short little arms and I could not try this on myself to see how it will fit, so I did my best to make everything true to the measurements she sent me. It has the “drop shoulder” design, so it all comes down to where inside the sweater her shoulders end. I met her on her front porch with one arm basted in and found it was two inches too short. I took it home, unraveled both sleeves and I think this time it will be right. I hope so because I used up almost all the yarn I have in those colors.

Then, under Covid lockdown, I did not feel good about wandering the craft stores looking for just the right buttons. Instead I went to Etsy and browsed for an hour. Am I the only one finding that this quarantine is showing me some new and perhaps better ways of doing things?

Now that the project is done, my fingers are craving something new to keep them busy while I listen to music or watch TV at night. I already finished a sock, once again learning new things about how to make the next pair fit better. The sharp little sock knitting needles wear holes in my index finger and when the needle pokes me in just the wrong place, I yelp in pain. I guess I’ll have to find something to protect my fingers if I’m going to make this a new habit.

Tonight, I am kind of excited that I’ll be hosting a quintet of french horn players out in our open-air barn setting. A local band was not able to perform their normal summer concert series during the lock-down, and the horn section invited me to fill in their quintet to record a few pieces. I know all of them, having played in bands with two and knowing the other two from my home town. I even get a uniform shirt to match theirs, so I am “posing” as a regular member. If it goes well, I’ll see if I am allowed to post a link to our recording.

french horn

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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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6 Responses to Patriot Sweater

  1. Mary Jo Prosser says:

    The sweater is wonderful, so organic looking and lovely. How fun that you got to play with your French horn quintet! The “nosey” in me wonders who your other hometown players were – and what year did you graduate? I spent most of my school years in the band also but I think I’m a bit older than you!!

  2. bluestempond says:

    I’m from 1974, but I’m playing with the Detgen girls, who I babysat a few times. πŸ™‚

  3. knittingjane says:

    Fab sweater, although being a Brit I would call it a cardi. And yes online shopping is new to me but who knew how much was out there? Music is good for the soul – enjoy the French horn quartet in the barn. Gosh that sounds like some corny 1970s British carry on film πŸ˜‚

  4. Kim Gorman says:

    What a lovely sweater and gift for your friend. I am also finding some better ways to do my work and provide student service due to Covid. Hope the quintet went well.

  5. Connie Cousins-Leatherman says:

    Beautiful sweater! Perfect for polling during this year’s election!

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