Cats in the Barn

We have a nice catwalk set up so the cats can climb up to the hay loft to sleep in the warmest corners of the barn. Emmie spends a lot of her time up there, watching with her glowing green eyes from her high vantage point. Today, though, something caught my eye and I looked up to the other side of the barn that has no ramp and Mickey had somehow climbed up there.

I don’t really know how he did it, unless he hopped up that ladder that was leaning vertically against the wall. If that was the case, he probably couldn’t get back down. You always see stories of the Fire Department having to come rescue cats stranded up in trees. I considered leaving him there to see if he could figure it out, but what if he was cold and hungry? He wasn’t speaking to me, just watching.

So, I leaned the ladder out at a better angle and cautiously climbed up high enough to reach for him. He let me pull him onto my shoulder and I very carefully stepped down one rung at a time until I was back on solid ground. I really don’t feel secure on ladders, so this was a gift to the little guy. I hope he doesn’t make a habit of this!

About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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1 Response to Cats in the Barn

  1. Stephanie G. Grathwol says:

    Very sweet, Nancy; the right thing to do at the time, good for you. As a child, I had a favorite cat and spent a lot of time playing or reading in the milking barn’s hayloft, so thanks for stimulating this warm memory.

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