Sock Upgrade

I like knitting socks. They are useful, feel good on my feet, and make me feel self-sufficient. However, I have learned over time how to make them better. I had knitted a couple pairs last winter but didn’t like to wear them because for one, they were too wide and short for me and two, the tops were not stretchy and were hard to slide over my heel. So, these socks sat in the back of the drawer till I thought maybe I should just throw them out. Besides, they looked like they were meant for hobbits.

Before and after socks

Then, my sustainability urge nudged me and said, “Why don’t you just unravel them and try again?” I replied, “Duh!” So, I cut the tight top edge off (because it is hard to undo) and methodically unwound the knitting into a nice little ball, about two inches in diameter, and started over from the base of the toe.

I re-did them from memory (because I’ve done enough now that I don’t have to check the instructions) and now they fit just great. I have also learned a method of binding off the cuff so that it is nice and stretchy and easy to get on and off. How about that?

About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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5 Responses to Sock Upgrade

  1. Mary Jo Prosser says:

    You inspire me!

  2. cigarman501 says:

    They may be too wide or short, but they are pretty!!!!

  3. Patsy Porco says:

    You are so self-sufficient and do everything so well!

  4. Patsy Porco says:

    I am beginning to write about topics that interest women/mothers. I would love to write about how you became a farmer/artisan. And I’m especially interested in your beekeeping and goat keeping and how you make your own wool. Please let me know if you’re interested:
    The publication I’m writing for is a start-up based out of Australia.

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