Shearing Time Is Approaching

I have found a sheep shearer who is willing to swing around by our farm to do the sheep AND the goat. I usually shear Eddy the Angora goat by hand but it would save me so much trouble to have him done by a professional. The shearer reluctantly agreed to adding Eddy to the job, for which I am grateful. I don’t know why he was so hesitant about the goat — maybe because they behave differently from sheep?

Eddy the Angora

Eddy has the most luscious long, curly locks but he is feeling hot and itchy by the end of winter and just wants them off. Same with the sheep — they are wide and heavy and their wool is getting matted and dirty. I see their spindly little legs poking out from under the pile of wool and wonder how they will look after it has been shaved off.

Cookie the Shetland

I am trying to trust that the shearer will come through for me although I had expected him to call by now. I’m paying him well for his time. He said he’d probably charge the same amount if I had six sheep instead of just two because it is more for the travel to the farm and set up. I’m fine with it because the alternative is a long day of struggle on my part. I’m hoping that this time next week I can show the “after” shots.

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  1. I would have thought sheep would be harder to shear. My goats were so tame they let us do almost anything we had to do without a fight. Our sheep are a little more skittish. Good luck!

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