Cat in the Patch

Mickey, the barn cat, is lonely. The other cat does not come around much and doesn’t want to play with him anyway. When one of us is out at the barn and Mickey shows up, he “meows” loudly, rubbing against and between our feet begging for some attention. I’m afraid we’ll accidentally step on him one of these times.

He knows that I come around in the early evening to pick the strawberries and asparagus, so he hangs around waiting for me. He gets really jealous of my petting the strawberry leaves as I look for ripe berries, so he squeezes under my hands and lies down on top of them. I pick him up and toss him out of the way, but he is relentless.

When I finally get all the strawberries in the carton for the night, I’ll go sit down so Mickey can hop onto my lap and get a good cuddle. He loves me to cover his face with my palm and rub his cheeks. Unfortunately, he is shedding a lot and I get cat hair all over my clothes that I have to carefully brush off so my husband doesn’t come in contact with it.

It is interesting how the seasonal cycles affect barn cats. They get very heavy and fat in the winter, as they lie around in the hay loft. By late spring, they are spending most of their time out hunting or whatever cats do outside, because they become thin and lithe. Mickey has shiny thick fur, but Emmie the black cat has a long fluffy coat that collects ticks. I bought a pour-on medication for her and waited for several weeks for her to show up so I could apply it. I hope it helped because she hasn’t been around since for me to examine her. That’s probably a cause-and-effect.

About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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