September Shift

We are moving into the next stage on the farm, with new crops coming ripe and new colors taking precedence in the fields. The goldenrod is becoming king of the landscape, and all other flowers are stepping back to make way for His Majesty. The honeybees are ecstatic and when I walked the fields with my trusty lopper, clearing out mulberry bushes, I was surrounded by loud, industrious buzzing and hoped I wouldn’t irritate any of them enough to sting.

I have started harvesting some late summer veggies, like rainbow chard and parsnips, not to mention the never-ending flow of tomatoes and zucchini. Now and then I treat the goat, sheep, and chickens to bits of the leftovers. I wondered if parsnip greens would be tasty and left a pile in the pasture to see what they thought about it. They were a big hit.

Yum, parsnip greens!

My little orchard did not produce much this year, in spite of my valiant battle with the late spring frost. I did pick the four peaches and although they weren’t pretty, they were as delicious as the ones from the local fruit stand.

I have counted seven apples on the two trees that bore fruit this year. I am letting them mature until one falls off the tree because I really have no way of knowing when they are fully ripe. They look quite nice, and I am hoping that next year is better. The trees themselves took on a lot of healthy growth this year, especially the peach tree. I may have to look up how to prune them now for optimal fruit production next year. They are surrounded by a tangle of pumpkin vines with lots of big orange beauties.

This never-ending pandemic is keeping us home more than usual and, as with everyone, we are experiencing the plodding of every day pretty much like the one before. Before we turn in each night, we review what is coming up tomorrow and whether there is anything at all unusual to look forward to. The concert bands are trying to restart with Covid precautions and I am going to give them a try this year. Lots of masking and distancing requirements, so I hope it is safe enough. I do miss playing my horn with a group! I am a sub for the local St. Joseph Municipal Band in the park this Sunday and Monday nights and am both nervous and excited to be on stage doing my best. Normalcy is creeping forward, but no one knows if it will stick around.

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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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3 Responses to September Shift

  1. Always, I love reading about the farm. As if it’s a place that I once visited, I’m happy for the updates. It was heartening to hear that the gnarled looking peaches were as tasty as the fruit stand ones. I have a small lime tree in my back yard, but it hasn’t produced fruit yet. Fingers crossed for one day soon. I look forward to pictures of pumpkins in the coming weeks. Pumpkins are one of my most favorite things about the autumn. I love their shape, the color and, of course, how they taste in pies and muffins. Sending you all good wishes and goodwill during these last dog days of summer.

  2. bluestempond says:

    That is so sweet of you to say! I wish I could invite you here to walk the fields with me.

  3. cigarman501 says:

    Loved the photos…don’t love the Golden Rod…ah…chooooo!

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