February Snowstorm and Fiber Arts

I love snow, especially if I don’t have to go anywhere and can just stay on the farm and enjoy it. A big storm has been moving across the country and dumped over a foot here before moving on. I think it is on the East Coast by now. It is interesting to me that the sheep don’t mind in the least getting covered with snow, due to their annual accumulation of wool. The lanolin helps keep the wetness away from their skin so it must be a refreshing coolness from their points of view. I believe they must have been laying around in the yard, to have gotten so much stuck to their backs.

Eddy is not such a big fan and he lies in the shed looking out the window until the chickens announce that I have arrived to deliver breakfast or dinner. I have been considering changing his schedule so he is only sheared once a year like the sheep. I felt a little bad that his October shearing left him with little insulation for the winter. I never worried about it before, but it is quite a contrast to the sheep situation.

I still have a bin full of Dot’s wool, half a bin of Cookie’s, and a bit of pink, blue, and yellow from Eddy’s fall shearing. I just haven’t decided what I want to do with it. I got a neat book for Christmas that offers a guide to designing your own sweaters, with instructions for sizes from children to adults and all kinds of alternatives for different collars or sleeves. It taught me the differences between the ways you can attach sleeves to make it easy or hard, loose or fitted. A very educational book! Now that I have so many options from which to choose, I am stalled with too many decisions. Too much information makes for choosing-overload. I am a stubbornly determined soul, though, and will power through the obstacle just to prove to myself that I can.

In the mean time, I am creating an altar cloth for my church. I’d done a video/sermon on weaving and what it means to me, and the resulting fabric was a little disappointing. With six months more experience, I believe I can do better, so I bought more yarn and started over with a more complicated pattern and I am deep into it. I do love a challenge!

About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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