New Lambs Are Home

We went ahead and fetched our two little Shetland lambs today. I am surprised at how small and light they are, little bundles of fluff with sharp hooves. They are no bigger than our little terrier, and much more timid. We took them from the breeder’s arms and loaded them into the back of the Jeep where we’d set up a tarp and straw to soak up anything that needed soaking. They bleated loud, high “Aaaaaaaah”s sometimes in turns and now and then a high-volume unison yell, all the way home.

Pretty sweet! Now I see that one is black and white, the other brown and white. The black/white one reminds me of a panda bear, and I’m leaning towards “Pandora”, or Pandy. Her brown/white sister would need a Greek name as well, and I am thinking of “Helena”. We’ll see how this develops as we get to know each other.

The breeder said that if I keep them in the barn for a week and visit often, they may learn to trust me even after they are released to the pasture. I missed that opportunity when we got Dot and Cookie and it took months for them to come close enough to take grain from my hands. I took out some apple pieces to coax them closer but this first day was too alarming. This evening I found them bleating loudly in their stall, having leapt the little fence I’d used to pen them into a smaller area. We will use many fail-safe gates to keep them from slipping out and getting into trouble.

We had a scare with Cookie, the grown sheep. She had either rubbed her horns on something or had a butting contest with Noah because she’d lost a horn and the remaining nub was bleeding profusely. It looked like a red devil’s horn for a Halloween costume. Last night she was listless and hanging her head and I was afraid she had gotten infected. Fortunately, this morning it had dried out and she is back to her normal self. It is so distressing when our animals are ill. I hardly slept all night.

The goats and the ewes were quite interested to hear the babies bleating in the barn, and I opened the doors so they could see what was going on. Tonight will probably be stressful for the lambs in an unfamiliar place and alarming to the flock to hear their cries all night. I will try to make them feel at home this week. In six days the shearer comes and I will release the lambs into the barnyard so they don’t get terrified by the commotion in the barn. This will be an exciting week!

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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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