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Perspiration by Gender

I was out in the garden after a couple days off and there was so much that needed to be harvested. As the rivulets of sweat freely ran down over my glasses and I gave up trying to wipe them … Continue reading

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Horn Quintet

I play the french horn, in fact I have done so since elementary school with a 30-year break to have babies and build a career. Now, in retirement, I am back to playing in a couple bands but the pandemic … Continue reading

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ZOOM World

The world we live in now has changed in so many ways. It seems like we adapted overnight to the constraints of meeting remotely. My laptop microphone didn’t seem to be up to the task. When I was in meetings … Continue reading

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Patriot Sweater

I am happy with the final version of this sweater I made for a friend. It is all home-spun mohair and so it is quite warm and fuzzy, way too much so to wear until the fall. What I am … Continue reading

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We’ve had a hard couple of months. My mother-in-law was suffering from a terminal illness and was in and out of the hospital with increasing frequency, until the doctor suggested it was time to call Hospice. We spent a good … Continue reading

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Back to School

I have been realizing how much my computer┬áskills have slipped out of step with the ongoing march of technology and I decided to do something about it. I signed up at the local college for a course in Web Development. … Continue reading

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My Life Trajectory – Part 2

Looking back on┬ámy “career years”, I now realize what a difference it would have made if I’d only known the rules of the game. Here is what I believed. Just like in school, if you work hard at your assignments, … Continue reading

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My Life Trajectory, Part I

So, my newest blogging friend prompted me to think back on my own expectations and how real life stacked up. Interestingly, I sort of fell into my adult life without much of a plan. Interesting because today I tend to … Continue reading

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