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Guest at the Banquet

I was walking past the hummingbird feeder just now, and look who decided it was an easy shortcut to the tedious job of collecting nectar?  I wonder if the queen knows this little forager is cheating?

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Cool New “Observation Hive”

My husband is so clever.  He was signed up to show our bees to a group of kids at church, so he threw together an observation hive and found a frame with a queen in it to show off.  It … Continue reading

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An Afternoon with the Honeybees

We lost three colonies of bees over the winter, so on Saturday we picked up “packages” of bees that were trucked up from Georgia.  We are bringing the count up to 5 colonies this year, to qualify for a Michigan program … Continue reading

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Honey Crop 2013

Wow!  We ignored our little bees for about two months while we were busy with so many other projects and this week we finally visited them again.  It was time to harvest honey.  (Not my own photograph) For you beekeepers … Continue reading

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Bluestem Bees

I haven’t reported on our bees for a while.  Actually, they are doing very well in contrast to the horrifying reports of huge losses to so many other beekeepers.  I don’t really think it is our doing, maybe just good … Continue reading

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Bee’s Wax

We’ve kept bees for three seasons, now.  What I’ve found is that after a couple cycles of the bees raising their “brood” in the comb, it begins to turn brown, as opposed to the pretty pale yellow of freshly drawn … Continue reading

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