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Playing God with the Pond

The pond (Bluestem Pond, we call it), has taught me the need for an ongoing tussle with Mother Nature, who wishes to make it into a cattail garden. Last year, I used a long-handled cutting rake to break them off … Continue reading

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A Moment With the Pond Folk

I had a nice hour or two out at our farm pond, fishing for bluegills. I love sitting quietly, listening the the birds and frogs and watching that bobber for the faint wiggle that means a fish is considering the … Continue reading

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Springtime 2014 at Bluestem Pond

In less than a week, our pond has completely de-iced.  I got out there yesterday with a rake and pulled out old dried cattail leaves and a layer of algae mixed with fluffy cattail fuzz.  Things are looking good.  Only … Continue reading

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Black & Blue-gills?

Here is an interesting development in the pond.  My bluegills and bass are growing nicely and seem very excited to see me when I come to visit.  I caught a 9-inch bass last week, the biggest I have seen yet, … Continue reading

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Fishing Styles

Fionny’s fishing skills are maturing with the clarity of the water.  He used to just bounce around shivering and lunge at the splashes in the water when they became too enticing.  Lately, he has begun to do what a friend … Continue reading

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My Happy Fish

After finishing with the bees today, I took Fionny with me to check on the pond.  I’ve been using pond treatments — friendly bacteria that eat up the floating vegetation and the black muck that forms on the bottom — … Continue reading

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Spring flowers

I was pleased to see the first wildflowers of spring begin popping out almost overnight.  There are little polka-dots of color all over the field.  I believe the most prevalent are buttercups and bladder flowers. There is also a big … Continue reading

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Bluestem Pond in Winter

It has been below freezing most of the time for over a week.  Still mostly gray/blue outside without a lot of snow, but the ice is spreading inward over the pond.  The bubbler is running so it will never freeze over … Continue reading

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Fishing Dog

My dog  just loves fishing.  He is a 2 year old Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier named Fionn, and going out to the farm just makes his day.  Better yet is when I say, “Fionny, let’s go see the fishies!”  He begins … Continue reading

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Phase VI – Building a Pond

In the fall of 2011 we thought we would build our house, but things did not work out as planned and so we jumped ahead and invested in the pond.  We researched a few sub-contractors who specialized in ponds or … Continue reading

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