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Frozen Rain Chain

Our poor rain chain has been taking on the drips from the snow melting off our black shingles, but it hasn’t been above freezing for weeks so it is building a nice thick coat.  Earlier this week, the chain had … Continue reading

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Winter 2013 at Home

This is a winter for firsts.  The first winter in our house, the first with Beezee, the first with my mother living here.  It will be the first Christmas at the farm with everyone coming here to visit.  Today, I … Continue reading

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What a Difference a Green Makes

Okay, three weeks later, the grass is taking hold.  It is spindly and makes you want to tiptoe across it ever so gently, but it is green and feels like spring.  A bit late in September for that, but apparently … Continue reading

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The Rain Chain

Here’s something cool that just got added to the house.  The rain gutters were put in yesterday and on one corner we had them install a rain chain instead of a downspout.  That evening we got a thunderstorm and we … Continue reading

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Making it Fit

We’re in the next phase of moving into the new house.  We have 80% of our stuff moved in and unpacked, but now we have to decide how to make the furniture we have fit comfortably into the small bungalow … Continue reading

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Home, Sweet Home

I’ve been offline for about two weeks, while we have been fully occupied with moving into our new house.  Oh, the agonies of a zillion decisions and mounds of boxes and paper, but we have made good headway and we … Continue reading

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Garage, Siding, and Bungalow Brackets

Here are a couple new developments that make me feel like we may actually live in our house before summer arrives.  The garage is looking more finished and I like the way the lighting fixture looks with the siding colors. … Continue reading

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Steps All Over the Place

Things are happening fast at the new house, and particularly in the area of steps.  I thought I’d share pictures of three new staircases, if that is what they would be called.  Our builder has been working away at the … Continue reading

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Front Porch Columns

What a beautiful, sunny spring day!  There are only a few puffs of clouds floating by today and the cold breeze makes the sunshine and 48 degree temperature seem a bit confusing.  Still, I itch for some chores to get … Continue reading

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Siding and Pool Room Heat

The internet here is erratic and sometimes is sooooo sloooowww.  When I did my last post this afternoon, it took over an hour to upload three photos.  I was determined to get it done, so I waited it out.  Now, … Continue reading

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Screen Porch Windows

It seems as though things have been limping along on the house project, not making any significant headway.  Just when we seem to be moving ahead, the crew switches to some other task and the momentum dies.  Depressing. However, today … Continue reading

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Front Porch Gable

The front of the house is taking its final shape, as the builders have constructed the gable over the front porch stairs.  I like it! Now we are really starting to look like a bungalow, the style that Joe and … Continue reading

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