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Chickens in the Cold

Poor little cold chicken feet!  At 7:00 am it is 20 degrees outside. Yesterday was warmer, and when I went to refill the food and water I found their water feeder frozen solid.  Oops.  We were going out for the … Continue reading

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Chicken Diary – May 2014

I’m really getting fond of my little flock.  As they mature, they are getting more trusting of us and willing to be picked up and petted. My son and daughter-in-law came for a Mother’s Day visit and got a chance … Continue reading

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Building a Chicken Run

We’re learning some chicken tricks.  You have to combat their natural tendency to scratch their bedding up into their food and water so that you frequently have to have to empty and refill the containers.  I tried propping the waterer up on … Continue reading

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