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Sketching Light

I’m watching light and shadows more, now that I have had a little bit of art training.  I think I’ll try to sketch Fionn gazing out the winter window, nestled in a comfy chair. 

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Persistent Green Beans

I’m on about the fifth round of picking the “final” batch of green beans.  Each time, I pick even the two inch long babies for a nice tender side dish.  I say good night to the garden and thank you … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Outdoors!

Last night, our chickens moved into the coop and spent their first night in the dark, in a strange place. I lifted Cooper (my rooster’s new name) up onto the roosting bar to show him how nice it was, but … Continue reading

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Summer Fionn, Winter Fionn

I’m looking for something to do, now that my mother is no longer living here and requiring so much of my attention.  I had set aside my needle-felting supplies after filling a large order of felted dogs and finding it … Continue reading

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June Thunderclouds

It’s been a rainy couple of weeks in Michigan.  Nothing to really complain about when other parts of the country suffer from droughts, but it has been quite warm and muggy when it isn’t actually raining.  I pity the poor … Continue reading

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Fionn’s Playground

Our dog, Fionn (pronounced like “fin”), is such a lucky fellow.  He has eight acres of playground to roam, hunt, swim, and get into trouble.  While we are building the house, he has also had extra human playmates around all … Continue reading

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Spring Babies

Living here at the farm for the first time, I am enjoying watching each new arrival of spring.  Today, I found a couple new “babies” coming up out of the ground.  Can you guess what they are?  We are supposed … Continue reading

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Spring comes to Bluestem Pond

So, yesterday was the first day of spring, and we’ve been making headway in the normal Michigan back-and-forth manner.  A couple days of 40’s, followed by a snowstorm and back into the 20’s.  Today the world is a magical wonderland … Continue reading

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January Doldrums

We’re in a band of cold air coming down from Canada and across the Great Lakes and generating “Lake Effect Snow” conditions.  Anyone from this area is quite familiar with this phenomenon.  Kids watch the TV or internet for news … Continue reading

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Fishing Dog

My dog  just loves fishing.  He is a 2 year old Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier named Fionn, and going out to the farm just makes his day.  Better yet is when I say, “Fionny, let’s go see the fishies!”  He begins … Continue reading

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