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Preparing a Sheep Trap

I’m waiting anxiously for the sheep shearer to contact us to say what day he will be here to shear Eddy and the girls. It has dragged on for weeks with us on alert for that call to come. The … Continue reading

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September Shift

We are moving into the next stage on the farm, with new crops coming ripe and new colors taking precedence in the fields. The goldenrod is becoming king of the landscape, and all other flowers are stepping back to make … Continue reading

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Peaceable Kingdom

Everybody seems to be getting more comfortable together out in the barnyard. The lambs hang around with the goat a lot of the time and leap over each other to get out of the way when he swings his horns … Continue reading

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Goodbye and Hello

I’m sad to say that we weren’t able to pull Ely back from his illness and had to have him put down last week. Our farm animals are pets, so while it is not as devastating a loss as when … Continue reading

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