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September Shift

We are moving into the next stage on the farm, with new crops coming ripe and new colors taking precedence in the fields. The goldenrod is becoming king of the landscape, and all other flowers are stepping back to make … Continue reading

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The Wasps Move In

This is the time of the year when we begin noticing little wasp nests beginning to form where the roof over-hangs and we sneak around with a broom handle knocking them off. We ran into some flaws in our solar … Continue reading

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The Golden Season

I always like this time in late summer when the wildflowers all turn to golden. There are just a few patches of blues or whites but looking out over the fields in the morning sun it seems like the earth … Continue reading

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Golden! A Bonus Honey Crop

Can you believe it, our bees were so industrious this summer that we had to go back and steal another 7 gallons of honey so that they’d have room in the hive to store fresh honey from the armloads of … Continue reading

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